Hampi’s Glory – Wedged between iron rich low mountains of Bellary district and surrounded by lush countryside and deep green thickets, Sandur was once a princely state, ruled by the Ghorpade family. Reminiscent of Hampi’s exalted ruins, the adjoining town transports you to an era of Kings and grand palaces immediately. Erstwhile Skandapuri, this was known as the city of Skanda or Kumaraswamy, whose temple still looks down at the town from top of a hill close by.

In Kannada, ‘Sandu’ means a narrow gap and ‘uru’ is home or habitation. Etymology suggests that the name of the town came from its locational inspiration. Till now, the edge of the town mingles with vast tracts of cornfields and a million shades of green, skirted by stacks of mountains in the distance. For travellers, this is the perfect retreat from the urban world. The sheer quality of air and the easy vibe of the place help you slip into relaxation almost immediately. Infact, Mahatma Gandhi himself, called Sandur ‘an oasis’ when he visited in the 1930s.